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Mount Samoqueiro, Rural Tourism in space - Casa de Campo was born in recovery of a traditional "pile" retaining its traditional features, such as the oven and on Taipa old poo. The recovery was Concluder ms so that the current owners esto develop an intensive campaign of marketing who also went by the space on the web. The development of the website for the project was considered of great importance in overall success of the project. In the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, a step away from the beaches of Carvalhal, Southend-do-Mar and Odeceixe, it benefits from proximity to the biodiversity and beauty of the mountains of Monchique and as dams as the Santa Clara sceneries that provide for activities such as fishing, walking or hiking with nature guides as well as sports and Aquatic radicals. If s demand peace and quiet, a day spent on the farm is also very relaxing . With the possibility of loan of bicycles, fishing rods and donkey rides to give - eh always that beautiful tradition of the siesta ... preferably followed by a caipirinha in the sway of the network, to the sounds of nature, to whet your appetite for dinner.